What is the origin of the name "Jump Seat Pixie"?

The origin story of the Jump Seat Pixie is a long a probably untrue one. I recommend consulting your local library. 

Why do you use fake names for people in your blog?

The Internet can be a dark and scary place. I try to keep the legal names of all people and places involved obscured for identity protection. If you really want to stalk these people though, many of them have Facebooks. 

What is your favorite Lucky Charms shape?

I believe Lucky introduced rotary saw-blade shaped marshmallows in the late eighties. They were recalled shortly thereafter, but I say if you're stupid enough to shove them up your nose, you deserve to die.

How do you come up with your ideas?

My ideas simply come to me...like midgets in an updraft. 

What is the square root of pi?

I believe it is the lesser known Greek symbol known as "krust". 

If the moon was made of barbeque spare ribs, would you eat it?

I would! Heck, I'd have seconds! And then I'd polish it off with a tall cool Pepsi. 

On a scale of one to awesome, how do you rate Sean Patrick Flannery?

Super awesome. The man is a babe. 

 Is a muffin the ugly cupcake?

The muffin has a lot of potential, and it could probably stand to be tarted up a bit if it wasn't so insecure. But what it lacks in aesthetics, it certainly makes up for in personality.

How can I contact you?

My public e-mail is nunchuckingsnowmen@gmail.com. Feedback on the blog is always appreciated, but hate-mail, advertisements, and anything that gets forwarded to people a million times and threatens flamboyant death if not forwarded once more will not be tolerated. I have a large robotic shark, and it has wheels. It will find you, junk mail people.